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2019 Region IV CRC - Technical Sessions

Friday, September 27th

Technical Session II will be comprised of one 60-minute sessions:

Technical Session II

Time:   3:45 - 4:45

Room:  Uptown I & II


Session II 

The Cold Truth about Refrigerants and Refrigeration


Andy Hayes, Heat Transfer Sales, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer


There’s a lot of talk currently about the environmental impacts of refrigerants. However, unless we opt to completely eliminate the cool comforts of our modern lifestyle, refrigerant is not going away. It will always be a necessary evil in the built environment.

We’ll take a trip down memory lane and review the vapor compression cycle and how the first-generation refrigerant systems performed. We will revisit the high performance and energy efficiency of the first generation of air conditioning systems and reflect on the unintended consequences.

We will discuss the next few iterations of refrigerant blends, focusing on the performance, trade-offs and sustainability sides of all the changes to refrigerant systems and along with the sustainability and environmental impacts.

Where is refrigerant today and what are the the real-life limitations of where we can go tomorrow?

Speaker Bio 

Andy Hayes has over 15 years’ experience in various HVAC roles and industries. His career has covered a wide range of development and leadership positions in hydronic heating and cooling as well as refrigerant based air conditioning.

Andy has a strong heat transfer and fluid dynamics foundation holding a Master’s of Science in mechanical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Andy is a project sales engineer with Heat Transfer Sales of the Carolinas. Andy‘s current focus is on the optimum usage of water in commercial buildings and systems.


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